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Dry Eye Institute


Where are we located? 

We are conveniently located above Wynyard Train Station in Sydney CBD. Our address is: Dry Eye Institute. Level 2, 33 York Street, Sydney NSW, Australia. 

Is there any parking available for my appointment? 

Unfortunately we do not have private or reserved parking on site for patients. However, there is street parking and secure paid parking available in the local area. 

Do I need a referral to come to the Dry Eye Institute?   

You do not need a referral to have an appointment at the Dry Eye Institute, however, a report or referral detailing your ocular and medical history is very helpful when putting together a treatment plan. We also strongly recommend that you have an Eye Health Check done with your local optometrist at least every two years. 

Do Medicare/ Health Fund cover any costs of appointments or treatments at the Dry Eye Institute?

Medicare does cover a portion of the consultation fee at the Dry Eye Institute. At this stage, we are unaware of Health Funds contributing to the cost of treatments or consultation. Please contact the clinic to discuss fees and rebates in more detail. 

I’m travelling from a regional area for my appointment; can I proceed with treatment on the day of my initial consultation? 

Wherever possible we try to accommodate our regional patients and will happily allocate additional time for your appointment. Please contact our clinic to discuss this with our friendly reception staff and additional ways in which we can assist you. 

I’ve read about a particular treatment online that is offered by the Dry Eye Institute, how do I know if I’m a candidate? Can I book a combined initial appointment with the treatment of my choice? 

The best way to assess your eligibility for a particular treatment is to come in for an initial consultation. There are many different causes and types of dry eye disease, and each treatment is indicated for specific conditions. Our focus is on positive outcomes for patients and will only recommend treatments that consider all aspects of our patient’s medical and personal situation. We are happy to book additional time for you on the day of your consult to allow for in clinic treatment should it be recommended for you. If you would like to discuss the treatments offered at the Dry Eye Institute, please contact the clinic on 8319 0555. 

Can I wear contact lenses to my appointment?  

No. Contact lenses can disturb the ocular surface and tear film. In order to obtain accurate results we kindly ask that you do not wear contact lenses on the day of your appointment. 

Should I continue to use my normal eye drops the day of my appointment? 

In order for us to obtain accurate diagnostic results, we do ask that you avoid putting any lubricating drops in for a few hours prior to your appointment. If you take any eye drops prescribed by your ophthalmologist or other treating medical professional, do not discontinue use before your appointment. This includes drops used for the management of glaucoma, steroids, anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drops. Please contact the clinic if you require any further information before your appointment.

Will I be able to drive after my appointment? 

Yes. You will be able to drive after your appointment unless explicitly told otherwise during your consultation. As we are focusing specifically on dry eye disease, we very rarely use dilating drops as part of our practice. 

I’ve read a study about a new treatment available abroad; can you import this treatment to Australia? 

The Dry Eye Institute only recommends and utilises TGA approved treatments and therapies. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the regulatory body for supply of medicines, medical devices and other therapeutic goods in Australia. For more information, please visit the TGA website.

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