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Dry Eye Clinic

Eye discomfort should not stop you from being able to enjoy every moment of every day. 

Unfortunately many people with dry eyes are given treatments that reduce symptoms but do not necessarily treat the underlying cause. This eventually leads to disease progression.

At the Dry Eye Institute we offer the most comprehensive evaluations and treatment programs in Australia. We invest in the latest technology and remain at the forefront of research and innovation so that our patients receive the best possible care and advice. 

Can children have dry eye

Most children these days spend a large proportion of their day using screens. Whether for school work or down time, technology plays a big role in their day to day life. Not only do children who spend a lot of time on screen have higher rates of shortsightedness but all this screen time is affecting their natural blink rates.

Are your Omegas ok?

We live in a society that places huge emphasis on dietary supplements and ensuring all of our dietary needs are constantly being met. Omegas are arguably one of the most discussed and well researched supplements on the market. So, what exactly are these omegas? And what is their purpose and benefit in dry eye disease?

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