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Dry Eye Clinic

Eye discomfort should not stop you from being able to enjoy every moment of every day. 

Unfortunately many people with dry eyes are given treatments that reduce symptoms but do not necessarily treat the underlying cause. This eventually leads to disease progression.

At the Dry Eye Institute we offer the most comprehensive evaluations and treatment programs in Australia. We invest in the latest technology and remain at the forefront of research and innovation so that our patients receive the best possible care and advice. 

Will I have dry eye for life?

Is there a difference between “Dry eye” and Dry eye disease”? Absolutely! Have you ever got off a flight only to have your eyes feel dreadful for the next few days following? This temporary assault to your ocular system is quite common and normally resolves itself within a few days of lubricants and rest.

Why your eye drops don’t work:

Do your eyes constantly burn, feel gritty, itchy or watery? Is this worse in the morning, or at night? Are you using your artificial tears with the gusto of a professional eater tackling hotdogs to no avail?  So why are the drops that claim to do everything not addressing your symptoms?

Tired of using drops?

How many occasions have you walked into your local pharmacy only to be overwhelmed by the abundant choice of eye drops. Most drops promising to relieve your burny, scratchy red or itchy eyes. The choice can be overwhelming when you are faced with all these options.

Want to discuss your symptoms or book a comprehensive dry eye assessment?